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Teen Nation gives you the opportunity to negotiate as a group, or nation as we call it, for the best camp schedule you can imagine. 

Now, within that statement there is much common sense to be used! Certain things have to be kept, such as a reasonable bed time (it would be great to stay up all night but that will ruin the next day due to sleep deprivation!). Meal times will pretty much stay the normal times. We want you to eat! But a few meals can be negotiated. For example, a breakfast delivered to the cabin, sleeping in one morning and having a continental breakfast a little later than usual, choosing a dinner dessert or even have an extra cookout night.


Camp Activity Staples: We want the group to experience certain activities we believe teens love and will find exciting and rewarding. For example, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the high ropes course and go on a horseback ride. Where camp activities are running there will be a choice to join the rest of camp or for the teen nation to do their own activity. The key is that the group, the nation, has to decide as a whole. This program is very unique and is about making your camp experience the best it can be while working on and improving your team building and communication skills with peers. For a full outline and schedule please click on the schedule picture below.

Ages: 13-16


GMV YMCA Members: $600  

Non Members: $675