Overnight Camp


Summer camp is about learning skills, developing character, making friends, and having fun! Few environments are as special as YMCA Camp Campbell Gard, where children become a community as they learn both how to be more independent and how to contribute to a group. CCG teaches selfreliance, a love for nature, and the development of practices that build leadership. All of that along with the fun of campfires, swimming, canoeing, archery, House Games, and many more activities. At the core of our program are clinics and fun fests. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday campers will choose which clinics they want to participate in. These clinics allow the camper to develop skills in those activities throughout the week. Funfests are one-time activities that the campers choose from on Tuesday and Friday. Our camp counselors are dedicated to making sure summer camp is a life changing experience for every camper. CCG helps campers increase positive self- images, behaviors, and confidence– all while supporting deeper friendships and bonds.

Overnight Camp categories

Leaders in Training (LIT)

Our Leaders in Training program develops teen campers through team building and character development. The LIT program is a great first step for teens who hope to be a CIT, or staff member in the future.These teens will also develop critical thinking skills and will have a focus on leadership skills. LITs will begin to develop the skills needed to be a role model while participating in many of the classic camp activities. 

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Developmental Disabilities

Overnight Camp for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities is the perfect opportunity for campers to participate in traditional camp activities alongside their peers and is the ultimate camp experience!

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Teen Nation


Teen Nation gives you the opportunity to negotiate as a group, or nation as we call it, for the best camp schedule you can imagine. 

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Basic Survival Camp


Survival Camp will allow your camper the opportunity to develop wilderness survival abilities which will include shelter and fire building, plant identification, wild edibles, signaling, compass reading and more. All these skills will be used in the Survival challenges throughout the week. One of these challenges will include a camp-out night.

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