Empowering children through their understanding of people, nature and history.

At YMCA Camp Campbell Gard's Outdoor Education Program, we believe that experiences through hands-on exploration and learning leads to lifelong awareness and understanding.

Students will learn more than just the concepts and vocabulary that are part of the curriculum. The experience of a trip to Camp will offer leads to learning on many academic and social levels.


We offer a variety of programming options including classes on teambuilding, natural sciences, local history, recreational activities and a new focus on Social Emotional Learning. For more information please see the following links.


As part of your visit, our kitchen can provide meals to accomodate most dietary restrictions.


Our cabins are fully equipped with heating, air conditioning and bathroom facilities. For a layout of the cabins, please see the following link. 

Please contact Dom Coffey with any questions about our programming or booking at dcoffey@gmvymca.org or 513-867-0600

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