Homesickness is perfectly normal.
Homesickness is perfectly normal. Not everyone experiences it, and some feel it more than others. Working through homesickness successfully can often be one of a camper’s greatest accomplishments. Beating homesickness can often lead to greater self-confidence in many other areas as well. Here are important tips to follow to help your child overcome homesickness (or maybe avoid it altogether):

  • Please, do not, under any circumstances, do the following - Bargain with your child about how long he or she has to stay at camp. Asking your child to try camp for a short period of time and telling them if they aren’t happy they can come home is known as a “pick-up deal” and almost always guarantees a child will not overcome homesickness.
  • Share your goals - Let your child know that a major goal of camp is fun, but one of your major goals is to help him or her grow and to learn to be on their own for a short time.
  • Again, trust us - Your child is in good hands. Know that if your child is really struggling, we will call you.