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YMCA Camp Campbell Gard's menu changes seasonally with the weather and the size of the group. Representative meals are as follows:


Breakfast burritos; tortillas, eggs, cheese and salsa
French toast & sausage 
Sausage, egg & cheese buscuits
Breakfast always includes milk, orange juice, cereal bar, fresh fruit and yogurt


Cheese steaks and fries
Homemade pizza
Chicken Tenders and mac & cheese

Lunch always includes water, juice, fresh salad bar and whole fruit


Taco bar
Hamburgers and baked potato bar
Pasta and garlic bread

All dinners include water, milk and a fresh salad bar, whole fruit and dessert

Dietary Restrictions

We keep labels to always be able to check ingredients. Alternative meals are available for gluten free, dairy free, meat free, peanut/tree nut free campers. Be sure camp knows of special diets two weeks in advance so we have time to offer similar meals to campers with dietary restrictions.

Picky Eaters

Cheese sandwiches, lunch meat and soy butter & jelly are always available.

Any questions please contact our office at or call 513-867-0600