Challenge Course Information

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Challenge Course Requirements

Participants Shall:

  • Complete and sign a YMCA Camp Campbell Gard Participant Agreement
  • Complete weigh-in procedures with staff
  • Meet the following criteria
    • Max Weight: 275lbs
    • Minimum Age (Zip Line/Giant Swing ONLY): 5 years
    • Minimum Age (Lanyard Course): 12 years
    • Minimum Height: 5ft reach
    • Not be pregnant
    • Not be intoxicated
    • Have no medical conditions which would require immediate medical attention or exacerbated by participation
    • Be able to understand and follow instructions (verbal and/or visual) given by staff
    • Not have any Physical limitations that would keep them from performing the required on-course skills and be able to demonstrate these skills in Ground School. These skills are:
      • Hiking
      • Assuming proper body position
      • Wear footwear and clothing required for the activity
      • Close-toe Shoes (i.e. tennis shoes or boots)
      • Clothing appropriate for possible extreme weather conditions
      • Must wear all required PPE and don it per the equipment manufacturer recommendations


YMCA Camp Campbell Gard reserves the right to prevent anyone from participating in challenge course activities if the staff deems the participant to be putting themselves or others at risk. YMCA Camp Campbell Gard also reserves the right to cancel or stop challenge course activities if the conditions become unsafe-either because of weather, participant misconduct, or anything else the staff believe to be a safety concern.