Summer Employment

Camp Information

 Summer Camp Positions 2018



Counselor - Overnight Camp

Responsible for leading outdoor recreational activities and providing leadership and guidance to a cabin typically the size of 12 campers. Being a positive role model and ensuring a wonderful camp experience for all.

Counselor - First Timers & Rangers (FTR)

(A Hybrid Resident Camp)


Responsible for leading outdoor recreational activities and providing leadership and guidance to partial week campers.  Being a positive role model and ensuring a wonderful camp experience for all.  First Timers are campers aged 5-7 and Rangers 8-12. This camp runs Monday–Friday of each week.  FTR staff are required to stay at camp for the two overnights on Wednesday and Thursday of each week.  Counselors may choose to commute on other days.

Counselor - Ranger and half day horse camp


Responsible for helping teach horse programming to half day horse campers in the morning then joins Ranger camp and functions like the other Ranger counselors as described above.

DD Overnight Counselors

Responsible for inclusion of campers with developmental disabilities into the camp program and assisting with their living needs in an overnight  setting. Staff will be provided with a management plan for each camper.


Responsible for all health care operations of camp. Includes medication, treatment of injuries, and emergencry treatment. Current license as an RN is preferred but nurses with a current LPN license have been successful as well. 

Health Care Coordinator



Responsible for assisting the nurse in all health care operations. Manages camper medication logs, camper injury / treatment logs., HCC must hold certification in First Aid/CPR. Medication administration, EMT, First Responder or Nursing Student experience preferred.

DD Lead Coordinator 



Responsible for oversight and supervision of the entire DD program. Works closely with Cabin 6 and 3DC coordinators in regards to camper behavior, parent interaction, and reporting requirements. Provides support for challenging behaviors and crises. Works with Cabin 6 and 3DC coordinators to evaluate all DD staff. Works side by side with SCC and reports to the Summer Camp Director.

3DC Camp (DD Hybrid Camp) Counselor

Responsible for inclusion of campers with developmental disabilities into the camp program and assisting with their living needs in a camp setting. Staff will be provided with a management plan for each camper.

This camp runs Monday-Friday and staff can choose to   commute. There is a mandatory Thursday overnight.

Cabin 6 and 3DC Coordinators and       Assistant Coordinators

Two sets of positions; day camp & overnight camp


Responsible for managing the special needs programs. Work closely with parents/guardians to create an appropriate management plan for   every campers time at camp and communicate that to staff. Coordinators generally maintain contact with camper parents through in person and phone call conversations.

The day camp positions can commute or live on site. There   is a mandatory Thursday overnight.

Unit Leaders (3)


Responsible for supervising counselors, leading evening programs and maintaining program areas. Unit Leaders will have focus area on FTR and/or overnight camp. Supervises all overnight and FTR staff. Ensures campers have a wonderful camp experience. Works with counselors to resolve behavior management issues with campers.

Summer Camp




Responsible for all daytime and evening programming on camp and assisting with total camp management.  Creates the weekly schedule and leads its implementation. Supervises all overnight and FTR   staff. Works with Unit Leaders and counselors to resolve behavior management issues with campers. Works side by side with DDLC and reports to the Summer Camp Director.

Barn Assistants

Responsible for horse camps lesson instruction, pony rides and trail rides. Supervises half day horse campers. Feeds and cares for the well being of the horses. 



Responsible for taking and posting pictures and videos on camps social media. Makes and presents the weekly slide show. Creates a portfolio of pictures to be used for the 2019 brochure. Steps in as a camp counselor as needed.

Send completed application to Katie Depew or 4803 Augspurger Road, Hamilton OH 45011 

                                                             Click here for an application

 Staff Pay Equation 2017                                                                                                  

 Base salary  + all applicable additions = Final pay per week

 Base Salary

First Year - $225 per week                                                                                                

Second Year- $230 per week

Third Year - $240 per week

Fourth year and all subsequent years - $255 per week

 Available Salary additions

Lifeguard -  $15 per week paid out at the end of the summer if all LG requirements are met.

First Aid/CPR certification - $10 per week

Special Needs program-  $15 per week

Leadership Staff Level I - $50 per week (includes Summer Camp Coordinator and DD Lead Coordinator)

Leadership Staff Level II - $40 per week (includes Unit Leaders, Cabin 6 Lead Coordinator, 3DC Coordinator)

Leadership Staff Level III - $20 per week (DD Assistant Coordinators)

Completed Bachelor’s degree - $20 per week


 For example:   A third year counselor filling the role of assistant DD coordinator with a current lifeguard certification would follow this equation:   Base (240) + DD program (15) + Leadership staff level II (20) + lifeguard (15) + CPR (10)  =  $300 per week.  If this counselor completes all 9 weeks* of camp, earnings for the summer would equal 9 x 300 or $2,700.

*There is a tenth optional week, session 3, MDA Camp.

All summer staff pay will be determined using this equation.  You will see your equation spelled out on your agreement form when offered a position.  As always, please feel free to contact the a camp director with any questions regarding the pay equation.  

***Please remember that all pay rates are subject to federal, state and local payroll taxes.***